Founder and President

Along with the other founders, Chris Duggan is currently responsible for managing all aspects of CKC’s operations. He also leads the mechanical engineering group and oversees mechanical assembly. Mr. Duggan is an expert in the design of custom equipment, including high precision manufacturing equipment, automated test equipment and robotic systems. Machines designed by Mr. Duggan are currently operating on 4 continents.

Mr. Duggan graduated from Northwestern University and holds a degree in Mechanical Engineering.


Founder and Vice President

Mr. DiPietro specializes in controls engineering, and has designed and programmed control systems for a wide range of manufacturing and industrial monitoring applications, including machines and robot cells for assembly, material handling, coating, filling, inspection, bonding, packaging, and environmental control. Mr. DiPietro has expertise in several standard controls platforms and is well-versed in electrical standards and practices related to industrial machinery. Mr. DiPietro is also experienced in commissioning and validation of custom equipment, having participated in commissioning and startup efforts for new manufacturing lines for various industries.

Mr. DiPietro holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Electrical Engineering from Penn State University.


Founder and Vice President

Over the years, Kenji Sytz has supported and led many projects in the petrochemical, energy, and biotech industries by working for worldwide companies such as Chevron Research, Con Edison, Pacific Gas & Electric, Johnson & Johnson, and Baxter BioScience . His professional experience includes process engineering, engineering design, validation engineering, project planning and management.

Mr. Sytz attended the University of California at Berkeley and holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering. At Berkeley, he was the recipient of the Alexander and Ethel Levens Mechanical Engineering Award which is given annually to the student that “has shown the most excellent performance in mechanical design.”


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